Uncover Amazing Flavors at Shawarma House

Shawarma House is the perfect place to savor a delicious, flavor-packed meal. From classic shawarma and falafel to more inventive dishes, our menu has something for everyone. Visit us today to experience the amazing flavors for yourself!

Traditional Shawarma Sandwiches.

Shawarma sandwiches are the perfect way to experience traditional Middle Eastern flavors. Our shawarma meat is slow-cooked with a special blend of spices, herbs and citrus juice. Freshly-grilled and served with soft flatbread, it is the perfect handheld meal on-the-go. Try one of our classic shawarma sandwiches today and fall in love with flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine!

Our shawarma sandwiches are truly unique, thanks to the marinade we use to slowly cook our meat. Our marinade contains a combination of traditional spices such as cumin and paprika, as well as herbs like oregano and thyme. We also add citrus juice for extra tanginess and sweetness. The slow-cooking process ensures our shawarma is succulent and full of flavor - it practically melts in your mouth! Add some crunchy vegetables like tomatoes and onions, sprinkle with sumac and tahini sauce to finish, then wrap it up in a pita or wraps for the perfect handheld meal.

Along with our marinated chicken, we also offer beef and lamb shawarma. Both come in either a tender lean cut or a juicy fat layer which adds even more flavor. Our specialty is the street-style shawarma - thin slices of meat cooked over an open grill and served with optional extras such as chili, garlic mayonnaise, or hummus. All these traditional Shawarma sandwiches are sure to please whoever takes a bite!

Our cooks take great care to ensure the meat is cooked just right - not too dry, and not over-seasoned. We sell a variety of homemade sauces and seasonings to complement our Shawarma sandwiches, like a garlic mayonnaise, zesty chili sauce, creamy tzatziki, or a classic hummus dip. Our customers are able to customize their sandwich with any of these delicious accompaniments for extra zest in every bite!

Whether you're a shawarma aficionado or just discovering it for the first time, we guarantee that each Shawarma sandwich purchased from our house will be cooked to perfection and served steaming hot. Our traditional offerings feature mixed chicken and beef, marinated overnight with special seasonings, before it's piled onto pita bread together with tomatoes, onion, and lettuce. There is also the option of half-chicken or beef only for those who want something a bit simpler. We use only the freshest ingredients to make sure every bite of our Shawarma sandwiches tantalizes your taste buds - come try one today!

Falafel Appetizers & Salads.

If shawarma sandwiches aren’t to your taste, don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of other delicious options! Our falafel appetizers and salads are seasoned to perfection with herbs and spices, making them the perfect starts to a wonderful meal. With plenty of fresh vegetables and a choice of dips, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice at Shawarma House.

Made of chickpeas and herbs, our falafel appetizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes – from deep fried balls, to patties, or oven baked versions. Our salads come with home-made dressings so there’s no need to worry about having too much oil. And don’t forget that all our falafel can be served with tahini sauce, made with sesame paste and olive oil. With a combination of flavors that is sure to leave you wanting more, you can expect a unique, delicious experience at Shawarma House!

Our falafel appetizers and salads are perfect for vegetarians, vegans, and anyone looking for a creative variation on traditional Mediterranean flavors. No matter if you're looking to start off with a light snack or to fill out your meal with one of our tasty salads, shawarma house has something special in store for you. Enjoy the fresh vegetables that come with our salads - cucumbers, tomatoes, onions & more - as well as our signature falafel recipes made daily using all natural ingredients. Stop by Shawarma House today – where flavor meets creativity!

Our falafel appetizers and salads make the perfect accompaniments to our other dishes like shawarma, kebabs, and gyros. Choose from five different types of falafel - original, spinach & feta, roasted pepper-mint, zucchini & garlic, or eggplant & tahini—or mix and match them to create your own special combination! Our salads feature the freshest ingredients such as carrots, celery, scallions and more – all tossed in our signature house dressing for a mouthwatering taste experience. Try it with one of our House Fries for an extra crunch!

Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a full meal, our falafel and salads are always delicious. Pair your favorites with one of our signature dishes like the spicy chicken shawarma, beef kebab, pork gyro and more! All of our options are made with the highest quality ingredients and prepared fresh in-house to ensure you get the best flavor every time. Stop by Shawarma House today and try something new!

When it comes to our salads, they are definitely a fan favorite. Our house salad features a creamy yogurt-based dressing and a medley of fresh veggies like romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and olives. For those who like a little more kick in their dish - try out the ‘Fattoush’ salad. This unique combination of ingredients is served with fried flatbread and tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, sumac spice and lots more. Finally top off your meal with one of our freshly made falafel balls — fried to perfection! There’s no better way to enjoy shawarma than at Shawarma House!

Imaginative Specials and Sides.

Each week, visit us to experience something new! Our signature specials change every week and we’ll surprise you with our array of inventive sides. From steamed vegetables to creamy hummus, each compliment will bring an added flavor to your meal. No matter what combination you choose, each dish is truly delicious!

Come enjoy any of our popular weekly specials like Shawarma Fries, which are crispy French fries topped with seasoned beef shawarma and drizzled with spicy mayo. Our signature special allows you to experience a delightful assortment of flavors in one bite! It’s the perfect balance of savory, crunchy and creamy textures that make this dish stand out from the rest. Additionally, our sides will also tantalize your taste buds with a variety of options like couscous, tabbouleh, pita bread and spinach pie. No matter what combination you choose, you can’t go wrong- explore our menu today to discover your favorite!

When you visit Shawarma House, you can be sure that your meal will come with a side of tasty spices, flavors, and textures. Our seasoned beef shawarma is cooked to perfection and served with a variety of flavorful sides ranging from couscous to pita bread. We also have imaginative weekly specials like Shawarma Fries - crispy French fries topped with shawarma and drizzled with spicy mayo! We promise that no matter what combo you pick, you’re sure to enjoy our unique flavor combinations. Come explore the delicious flavors at Shawarma House today!

Our sides are no strangers to spice either - our Israeli-style couscous is served with a tomato and onion stew, adding lots of flavor and a bit of kick. We also serve hummus and tahini sauce for dipping as well as fresh pita pocket bread. Whether you’re trying one of our classic combos or creating your own, don’t forget to check out our weekly specials too! Our Shawarma Fries are a savory combo platter of freshly cut French fries topped with juicy shawarma beef, seasoned onions, and tomatoes before being drizzled with spicy mayo. So if you feel like taking your taste buds on a culinary adventure come by Shawarma House today!

Here at Shawarma House, we believe in taking a diner’s experience to the next level. That’s why we don’t just serve your standard shawarma: Our house special includes a unique blend of seasoned and spiced beef that is sure to tantalize the taste buds. We also offer several vegetarian wraps including our delicious falafel wrap and veggie sandwich, which are both packed with fresh ingredients like lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley leaves and turnips.

But what really sets our menu apart is the array of sides and extras we offer. From flavorful hummus and babaganoush to freshly made Lebanese salads, from tabbouleh and pickles to the more unexpected flavors of cucumber labneh and za’atar bread. There’s something for everyone here at Shawarma House! With our imaginative specials and sides, you’re sure to have a delicious meal every time you walk through our doors.

Authentic Hummus & Dolma Dishes.

You won’t believe what awaits your taste buds! Our fresh, authentic hummus, dolma and toum are sure to make you come back for more. Made with local ingredients, these recipes originate from family secrets handed down generations. With every bite, you’ll experience the uniqueness of the Middle East cuisine right here in Shawarma House.

Our Hummus and Dolma recipes offer a unique combination of creamy chickpeas, Mediterranean spices, diced tomatoes and basil. All mixed together to create that perfect hummus taste you can’t get enough of. Our Toum is made from a special blend of garlic, lemon juice and creamy yogurt for a delightfully smooth yet tangy dip you won’t find anywhere else! Come to Shawarma House for some amazing experience in traditional Middle Eastern cuisine!

With our wide selection of delicious Dolma dishes, Shawarma House offers an array of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. From stuffed vine leaves to baked egg plant & minced beef tartlets, each dish is flavoured with traditional spices and seasonings, providing you with a truly authentic Middle Eastern experience. Whether you’re looking to try something new or reconnect with your cultural roots, we invite you to come savour the taste of the Mediterranean at Shawarma House!

Our signature hummus dishes are always a favourite, offering the perfect balance of fresh chickpeas, garlic and olive oil with a dash of lemon juice. Our shawarma plates come piled high with your choice of protein, served atop freshly baked pita bread and topped with chunks of ripe tomatoes & fresh greens. No matter what you pick, each dish comes smothered in our unique house-made tahini sauce that will have your taste buds swooning! Sauces can be adjusted to cater to even the pickiest eaters; ours come in mild, medium or hot for extra kick. For those looking for something lighter but just as flavourful, we also offer vegan-friendly options such as falafel sandwiches and tabouleh salads.

But there is so much more to explore here at Shawarma House: Sample some of our handmade Dolma dishes, including Grape Leaves and Spinach Bozaky that are stuffed with a savoury blend of vegetables and rice. Or enjoy the salad bar where you can load up on the freshest ingredients and aromatics. And don’t forget the homemade desserts like Creamy Baklava and Kunefe – they promise to not disappoint! Shawarma House has something for everyone, with each dish cooked to perfection, drawing in customers from near and far. Come on over today to experience what makes us so special!

For fans of hummus, we have several dishes that feature this classic and flavorful chickpea dip. Our Hummus Manolo (served with garlic potatoes) and our Hummus Lahme (mixed with beef or chicken) are two popular options among our customers. Enjoy them on their own or as part of a Shawarma plate where you can mix your meat with rice and vegetables to create the perfect palate pleaser.

Additionally, if you're looking for something a little more exotic, we have a scrumptious selection of dolmas - vine leaves that are filled with vegetables or lamb and slow-cooked in olive oil. Our signature Dolma Plate (featuring three dolmas of your choice) is an absolute must-try! We also have a "Build Your Own Spanish Shawarma Wrap" where you can make your own creation from a variety of meats, tahini sauce, fresh veggies, and pickles. Come try us out for something truly unique and delicious!

Delicious Baklava & Dessert Plates.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our mouth-watering selection of desserts. From classic baklava to homemade Ghorayebah, our chefs will tease your taste buds with every bite. With warm, melted butter layers and melting in every crevice, you won’t stop drooling! Enjoy a plateful of desserts or grab them individually for ‘me-time’ indulgence – you won’t regret it!

Our carefully crafted dishes are freshly cooked and served warm; made with love using the finest quality ingredients including local sourced honey, butter and nuts. Choose from our selection of traditional Lebanese desserts like knafeh or brouka or surprise yourself with something special from our ever-evolving seasonal range. Each plate comes complete with three varieties of dessert, so there’s always something to entice every palette – whether you prefer a more traditional sweet treat or a contemporary twist on classic flavors. Our must-try baklava is loaded with generous amounts of syrup and roasted nuts - it’s simply sublime!

All our desserts are made using recipes passed down through generations and cooked in the traditional manner; slow-cooked to allow the flavors to blend and bring out the very best of each ingredient. Whether you’re looking for a quick pit-stop after a meal or an afternoon feast, you won’t be disappointed with our delightful offering. Who doesn't love warm baklava and sticky honeyed syrup? Come visit us at Shawarma House and treat yourself to something delicious!

Enjoy one (or two!) of our famous baklava plates loaded with sweet and nutty flavors. Our desserts are heavenly, boasting tantalizing textures and delightful aromas. After dinner, why not indulge in a little something sweet? Our dessert plates come with mixed fruits and baklava paired together for ultimate satisfaction. Not sure what to get? Try our tour of desserts! Let us take you on a journey of Middle Eastern sweetness that concludes with an amazing compilation of treats - sure to leave your taste buds happy!

Our baklava is made with premium ingredients and has delicate layers of phyllo dough filled with walnuts, honey, and pistachios. Combined, these ingredients create a fabulous flavor experience. It’s the perfect way to end your meal as its sweetness provides some balance after indulging in our savory shawarma platters laden with delicious flavors. No matter what items you pick from our menu, top it off with one of our desserts; we guarantee it will be the icing on the cake for an amazing evening.

Our dessert plate features a wonderful selection of desserts, nestled into one thoughtfully arranged plate. There’s something for everyone in the mix; from baklava to sweet, crunchy kadayif covered with nuts and syrup. These desserts will tantalize your taste buds, leaving you wanting more. And best of all, you can enjoy these treats that much more when you end your meal with a shawarma platter enjoyed with family or friends.